The Old Rock House Website Is Hacked…Yes, Again.

It was just Friday when we told you about the new website for local concert venue The Old Rock House (, but I’d avoid clicking on that if you’re still rocking Internet Explorer.) and how it was really creepy and we didn’t get the whole “duct-taped girl” motif they were going for…oh that’s right they were hacked! Later that night it was fixed though, the creepy taped girl was expunged and the Old Rock House’s website full of photos from concerts by people we’ve never heard of was restored.

…and now they’re hacked again.

Same image, same group, same everything.

You know, setting your password to “theoldrockhouse” probably seemed like a brillant method to avoid a post-it note, but then things like this happen and you start to think “Maybe I should pick a harder password, like my kid’s first name, or wait…of course! ‘theoldrockhouse1‘! This is even smarter than me putting my wallet in my shoes at the beach before I go in the water. Stupid crooks…they never think to look in the toe.”

If Dade Murphy is behind this he better watch out! One more misstep and he could lose his scholarship!