The Old Rock House’s New Website Has Already Been Hacked

Update: The site has now been restored! Take that Hacker Group Yemen!

Original story follows…

St. Louis concert venue The Old Rock House launched their new website today ( with a certain amount of fanfare and…well…it’s an interesting take. Anyone else see the link to their concert schedule? Maybe it’s behind the creepy girl face with her mouth taped shut?

Apparently the new site, within hours of launching, got hacked and hacked good especially since at the time of this writing it was still this way and phone calls to the venue returned an eta of “Um…I’m not sure…” followed by direction to go to their Facebook page that appeared to be wildly out of date.

For the record folks, this is an example of “getting hacked”. That time you drunkenly tweeted out something about your gay experience in college only to tell everyone you “must have got hacked” the next day wasn’t fooling anyone.

Go computers!

via Our tipster who may or may not have been Zero Cool from the movie Hackers.