Leisa Zigman’s Twitter Account Was Hacked…By a Hacker…Again

No not really, but when you do something stupid and you can’t tell your computer from your microwave, you just say a “hacker” did it and then you are cleared of all stupid deeds.

Here’s a quick synopsis of our absolute favorite KSDK reporter’s twitter page:

zigman_hackedAbout an hour later, Zigman figures it out…

zigman_hacked2Ah.  That solves. it.

Here’s what really happened: There has been a link floating around that if you click on it, and happen to be signed in to Twitter, it will submit a private message to everyone on your list.  No one stole her password, which is probably something super hard like “n3ws” or “imastar”.

[Editor’s Note: Who else is picturing her reading this and frantically changing her password?]

Oh Leisa, no one “hacked” your Twitter account, no one wants to “hack” in to your Twitter account, and frankly even if some one did “hack” in to your Twitter account and started spouting off moronic tweets we would never know!

In fact, lets play a game!  It’s called “Zigman or Not”…ok, that’s a horrible name, but I’m making this up as I go along here ok folks!  Feel free to submit your better name for this game in the comments.  Anyway, you pick which of the following are actual Tweets from Leisa Zigman, and which ones I just made up. (No cheating by going to her account!)

  1. “stl post still doesnt have mcgwire story. either does kmov or ktvi.”

  2. “cnn was talking about the prez today. how is that news? what about parking tickets?”

  3. “my sniz smells like cheez 2day.”

  4.  “wash u african.amer.students denied access to chi niteclub hold town hall 2nite.fbi now investigating racism. story going international.”

Answers: ɐsıǝl ˙4 ɐsıǝl ʇou ˙3 ɐsıǝl ʇou ˙2 ɐsıǝl ˙1