Uplands Park Cop Admits to Banging Craigslist Hookers

Leon Pullen, a 32 year old Uplands Park police officer invented something amazing! “I’m a cop right? Well maybe I can tell people to give me stuff in exchange for not arresting them! How has no one thought about this before?!”

Officer Pullen isn’t all that bright.

[Pullen] scoured online advertisements posted by the escorts, then pretended to be a customer, according to court documents and testimony at his plea hearing in federal court here. Three attacks occurred in the northwest St. Louis County village of under 500 people, one at a St. Louis hotel.

Once with the escorts, Pullen would identify himself as an officer, then demand money, sex or both by threatening arrest or the implicit threat of violence, Assistant U.S. Attorney Howard Marcus said in court.

Pullen has also “copped” to robbing and raping women three other times and also admitted that he thought he was in the clear because no one is going to believe hookers.

…ok, maybe he’s not totally stupid.

Only three other assaults seems low though since when Pullen was arrested he had 11 other online hooker ads printed out with him.

Our bet? We wouldn’t touch his night stick with out a good swabbing first, and this guy’s forced himself inside more times than Santa Claus.

*Balloons fall from the ceiling!*

“Congratulations to Punching Kitty for making the first rape joke with a Santa Claus reference!”

Wow. I don’t know what to say. We’re honored! We’d like to thank society for making us this way, and of course thanks to all Officer Pullen for making this all happen. Seriously, this is such a great honor.  We’re glad we could win a award about rape without actually having to buy all that duct tape.

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