The St. Charles Sugar Plum Fairy is a Dirty Girl and Got Fired

The St. Charles Sugar Plum Fairy is a Dirty Girl and Got Fired

Update: We’ve found some interesting new information with the other character she plays while not being the Sugar Plum Fairy. Her other character is considerably more naked, which is awesome.

Original post follows…

We learned two new things today: St. Charles has an annual Christmas pageant, and the Sugar Plum Fairy has a dirty dirty mouth…and it’s not from that yellow snow she accidentally ate over by the reindeer barn.

Laura Coppinger worked with Christmas Traditions for six years, and spent five of them as the Sugar Plum Fairy. She says she even spent some of her own money to make improvements to the wings on her costume.

“I made her larger than life,” Coppinger said of her Sugar Plum Fairy character. “And each year she kinda got bigger and bigger.”

But this year, Coppinger won’t get a chance to spread Christmas cheer.

The Sugar Plum Fairy has been let go, after cursing during a drug test for the job.

The drug test is mandatory for all city employees, but the rules about cussing aren’t. After she accidentally flushed the toilet causing her to have to do the test over again, she cussed, it got reported, and boom she was fired. The grounds of her release are rooted in her violation of the “Christmas Traditions Code of Conduct”, which states that “Christmas characters don’t know naughty words.” …you’ve got to be f*cking kidding.

  1. She wasn’t even working when it happened.

  2. Santa knows how to talk some shit. You think you can dodge reindeer turds and trip over elves all this time and not drop an f-bomb or two?

  3. Who the hell rats out a lady that plays the Sugar Plum Fairy once a year who cusses to herself at a drug test? Wow. Sounds like the Sugar Plum Fairy needs to cut a bitch up.

While the St. Charles’ local government waits for the press and public pressure to build enough to lower their stock to “tone def-con 3”, there as been a Facebook page created and a food drive started to help raise Sugar Plum Fairy awareness of this situation. Apparently this fairy needs more than happy thoughts about you to believing in her to survive. She also needs those cans of cream corn you won’t eat.

Oh and St. Charles? No one knew who this chick was 2 weeks ago, and now with your dumb-ass rules, you’ve created the most powerful Sugar Plum Fairy this world has ever seen. You created a powerful enemy!

Laura Coppinger, the actress who portrays the popular festival character, was not in costume, but she was recognizable to the dozens who stopped by to shake her hand or snap a photo with her.

As Coppinger stood on the brick sidewalk, one young fan riding by in an SUV seemed to sum up the thoughts of many.

The little girl rolled down her window and yelled: “I love you Sugar Plum Fairy.”

Coppinger responded…

“Leave me along you little bitch! I’m not on the clock so I’m not your fucking Sugar Plum Fairy. Now keep fucking driving before I shove my foot up your ugly mom’s sniz so she can’t make any more of you!”

“Awww. I love you too.”

…oh, or that. We’re assuming the at least she thought that other stuff though, because if you cuss at a random surprising event that created a sudden urge of anger with an associated reflexive response, even if it was pointed at  yourself, causing you to expel air making tones that society has deemed as more offensive than other tones, then you are clearly a sick human being that has no reason to be anywhere near children. Thank god that others care enough to never cuss, like Coach Jerry Sandusky of Penn State, shown here helping a youngster get in the right position for the pounding he’s about to take.

via USAToday & STLToday