Lady Shoots Little Girl in the Back With BB Gun Because Shut Up! You Want Some Too?!

Lady Shoots Little Girl in the Back With BB Gun Because Shut Up! You Want Some Too?!

A 20 year old Shiloh woman is in jail tonight because she decided to shoot a 10 year old in the back with a BB gun one fateful October 30th afternoon. “What the hell is wrong with this broad?” is what you might be thinking, but wait…this is the metro East area we’re talking about and she only used a BB gun. Sounds like the little tyke got off easy. Middle school is when they start dodging .45 rounds.

The incident happened on Williamsburg Drive in Shiloh, Illinois on October 30. Police say Smith used a BB pistol to fire a 6 millimeter projectile at the 5th grade victim.

Police say this was not an accident.

Oh you think so? Well here’s to you CSI! We hope you didn’t waste all the good ballistic gelatin recreating this crime scene to figure out that a lady grabbed, aimed and fired at the back of a 10 year old girl on purpose. The real question is “Why?”

They say witnesses report that Evelyn Smith shot the girl for breaking up with her younger brother.

Well there you have it. Makes total sense now. This also proves that not only is Evelyn a crack shot with a BB gun, but also an astute observer of the 5th grade social pattern. How does one know when a 10 year old “breaks up” with another? For that matter, what exactly does “going out” mean to a 10 year old? Oh, it doesn’t matter. Clearly Evelyn knows, because why else would she shoot a little girl in the back? Sure, she could be a violent retard, but our money’s on her being a genius in field of child psychology, and can pick out a skank that needs to be capped when she sees one, no matter the age. Yeah, that’s gotta be it.

via KMOV