Occupy Protestors Arrested, At Least One Realizes That Jail Isn’t Fun

Friday night the deadline ordered by the Mayor’s office gave passed, and so police converged on downtown’s Kiener Plaza to disperse the Occupy STL protestors. Many did just that, but 27 were arrested and dude…you’re not going to believe this…but like…they went to the same jail as like people that totally broke laws and junk! Eww!

KMOX’s Brad Choat, on the scene outside the jail Saturday afternoon  reports one of the protesters was released shortly before 2 pm.  She is a 37-year-old woman from St. Jacob, Illinois who says she was kept in a cell with eight other women, including two non-protest prisoners.

You mean they don’t segregate people that broke laws from other people that broke laws in jail? How is the city of St. Louis not magically creating cells per group crime depending on the arrested person’s personal view of the severity of their crime?! Are we animals?!!?!?! Someone call Dateline to look in to this!

The woman who was released says jail conditions were terrible…

Ok, but you know it’s jail right? So were they terrible for a jail, or just terrible in general? What were you expecting? Whole Foods pizza and a guy with no shirt playing Dave Matthews Band songs like back in the heady days of Occupy STL before the cops came and ruined the vibe? You were arrested, dumb ass.

…and adds that, while she’ll be back in Kiener Plaza during the day, she’ll  be leaving before the 10pm curfew time to keep from being arrested again.

The system works! Finally, St. Louis has managed to reform someone! It was bound to happen eventually.

via KMOX (Who took yet another humdinger of a photo for their article. We bet she’ll be thrilled to see that photo there.)