That is One Ugly Mother-Puncher!

49-year-old Larry Thompson was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, after punching his own mother at his home in Shiloh, Illinois. He is also suspected of robbing a bank with Flattop and Pruneface, but escaped after detective Dick Tracy got the drop on his accomplices, only to have Big Boy Caprice put the squeeze to the coppers on the take so the whole gang walked. It was a setup see! [Read More]

Lady Shoots Little Girl in the Back With BB Gun Because Shut Up! You Want Some Too?!

A 20 year old Shiloh woman is in jail tonight because she decided to shoot a 10 year old in the back with a BB gun one fateful October 30th afternoon. “What the hell is wrong with this broad?” is what you might be thinking, but wait…this is the metro East area we’re talking about and she only used a BB gun. Sounds like the little tyke got off easy. Middle school is when they start dodging . [Read More]