St. Louis Kids Love New Game: Choking Themselves

This is what happens when you grow up in a violent place. First  you’re scared to even take the trash out after dark, but then you start to wonder “How come no one has tried to stab me lately? Aren’t I cute? Don’t I look white and rich enough?” Eventually that builds and builds and you decide, “If no one’s going to do it, maybe I’ll just choke myself. That’ll show em!” …or maybe you just want to choke yourself to get a little high. Either reason is retarded, but St. Louis school kids are doing it anyway because shut up! You don’t understand! You’re old! We hate you!

The game is called the Choking Game. Kids purposefully choke themselves or each other for a few seconds to feel light-headed.

A teacher at one of Parkway’s middle schools recently overheard some students talking about playing the game.

Parkway Northeast Middle School Assistant Principal Bill Senti said, “Kids may see it as not being dangerous, because it’s not drugs, or alcohol.”

The term “game” really gets over-used doesn’t it. How is this a game? Is there a score? Can one win at “choking” the best? No? Then it’s not a game stupid kids. It’s just choking yourself. If anything, this is just lazy. All the things you can huff and snort around your average house and you can’t even be bothered to get up and walk to cabinet under the sink so  you just choke yourself? This generation is lazy! Our parents were right…not about us though, the younger kids. sdfglkjfsadl;fsdfa asd;lf Sorry. Damn cat walked across the keyboard. We’d erase it, but…you know…lot of extra tapping.

Senti says parents need to be concerned “if there are lots of locked doors in the home, if when you walk in to your child’s room they seem disoriented, or if their eyes are bloodshot.”

Ok, those “symptoms” are actually from two other things that kids have been doing forever: Smoking weed and touching themselves. Notice that neither one of those activities were described as “games” so they’re cool. If you must bust your kid for weed, so be it, but for you own safety we wouldn’t knock down any locked doors yelling “Ha! We caught you choking it in here!” because while you might still be technically correct with that statement, it won’t be in the way you thought you would be.

If you don’t believe any of this, it is actually true. Kids are this stupid. They even post it on YouTube, because they post everything on YouTube. They also think whatever’s on MTV right now is cool, and that homework really sucks! You’re welcome parents.

via KMOX