NLCS: Game 3

Go Cardinals! The spirit of 1982 is in you! …whatever the hell that stupid falsetto crap means. Nothing like a gayer version of Richard Simmons to sing and sweat you in to playoff success.

Trying something new tonight: The Facebook live stream. We have no idea if this is better, but WordPress sucks donkey balls for updating the site like we have in the past few live-blogging of games so we’re trying this out. Hopefully this is easy, won’t screw up your FB profile and will leave the comments around so people can read them later. Hell, if we’re throwing out wishes, I’d like you’re mom to stop sweating me, blowing up our phone all the time. Tell her we’re done. It was a 6-time thing. By the way, I’d stop hugging that teddy bear in your old room. It was heavily involved for times 1,3,5 and 6.

[UPDATE: Facebook thing isn’t working. Follow @punchingkitty and @mikeflynn_ for Twitter comments throughout the game.]

Cards win! Up 2 games to 1 over the Brewers.