Mayor Slay Proves He’s Horrible at Sports Betting

We kinda accidentally, sorta took a day off last night when we didn’t write anything. That’s OK though, because our friends at Joe Sports Fan picked us up and took care of the important stuff: Making fun of Mayor Slay. Apparently Mayor Slay, in addition to the rest of the things he’s horrible at like “being a mayor”, is also horrible at making and going through with small pointless bets. Joe Sports Fan has the whole rundown, but in short: He won’t go to any trouble other than taking a picture of his TV when he loses, and won’t spring for better shipping when he actually wins the bet. [Read More]

The Cardinals Choked

Not much to say about a three games as shitty as that, which is good, because we sure the hell don’t feel like writing much about it. There’s no question the Cardinals choked this one away with their horrible…well, everything. The question is: Where does this sit in the pantheon of all time Cardinal chokes? We asked. You answered. The consensus? This was horrible. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to go shave this playoff beard. [Read More]

NLCS: Game 5

We didn’t do one of these yesterday, and we lost. Our bad. We’re back at it tonight though. Doin’ it for Torty (the original Cardinal post-season animal).

1st inning: Quick inning for both sides. Ryan Braun got a hit again, but that’s not news.

Top 2nd: Garcia looks good so far, but it’s all about when he gives up a hit or two. Here’s something else: TBS sucks.

7:26p: John Smoltz won’t ever stop talking.

7:28p: How hard is it to keep the game feed working UVerse? It feels like there hasn’t been a post season game that our UVerse HD feed hasn’t crapped out at some point. Oh and the jumpy Carlos Gomez got thrown out on the bases.

Mid 2nd: Ok, we’re just going to say it, the commercial with the little girl is surprising. We had no idea any black people liked country music…other than Hootie (- the Blowfish).

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NLCS: Game 3

Go Cardinals! The spirit of 1982 is in you! …whatever the hell that stupid falsetto crap means. Nothing like a gayer version of Richard Simmons to sing and sweat you in to playoff success. Trying something new tonight: The Facebook live stream. We have no idea if this is better, but WordPress sucks donkey balls for updating the site like we have in the past few live-blogging of games so we’re trying this out. [Read More]