The Cardinals Choked

Not much to say about a three games as shitty as that, which is good, because we sure the hell don’t feel like writing much about it.

There’s no question the Cardinals choked this one away with their horrible…well, everything. The question is: Where does this sit in the pantheon of all time Cardinal chokes? We asked. You answered.

Guy Chokes Two Different Women at Hospital on Consecutive Days

29 year old Alfred Pierce has been charged with grabbing a Barnes-Jewish Hospital employee and choking her on the February 19th. On February 20th, Pierce was charged with doing the same exact thing, but on a different female employee of Barnes-Jewish. The third woman that works in that department probably took the 21st off. A 29-year-old man is charged with two counts of third degree assault after choking two workers on consecutive days at Barnes Jewish. [Read More]