Guy Chokes Two Different Women at Hospital on Consecutive Days

29 year old Alfred Pierce has been charged with grabbing a Barnes-Jewish Hospital employee and choking her on the February 19th. On February 20th, Pierce was charged with doing the same exact thing, but on a different female employee of Barnes-Jewish. The third woman that works in that department probably took the 21st off.

A 29-year-old man is charged with two counts of third degree assault after choking two workers on consecutive days at Barnes Jewish.

Police say the victims do not know Pierce and that he poses “a danger to the victims, the community and others” because of his actions.

He is still in custody on a $500 cash bond.

Obviously having some guy stroll in and systematically choke out people makes for a tough work environment and Barnes-Jewish Hospital has already released the following statement about the situation:

The safety of our patients and staff is the utmost priority of Barnes-Jewish Hospital. In two recent incidents, staff members became uncomfortable with the actions of the same hospital visitor. Security and police were summoned.

“Uncomfortable” doesn’t really seem like it covers it. Rarely has anyone managed to cough out an “Excuse me sir, but your choking me is causing an uncomfortable workplace environment, and if you don’t stop I’m going to be forced to tell my supervisor and file the necessary HR paperwork to have you barred from the premises.” …usually it’s more of a “Holy shit! Get this asshole off of me!”, but maybe that was hard to convey in the press release. Either way, it’s not Barnes-Jewish’s fault right? It’s not like you can just look at a guy and tell he’s the strangler-type! There’s no way that you can take one glance at a guy and think: Yeah, this guys definitely going to try and choke me out, so I should probably just tase his crazy ass right now. It’s impossible! Sure the second day you probably could have been on the look out for him, but the first day?! No way. People don’t really have “crazy eyes”. That’s just a saying…

[Editor’s Note: Wait! Don’t scroll down yet! We’re going to pause right here after our joke setup to tell you that this photo of the guy is 100% legit. Pinky swear. We couldn’t make this up if we tried.]

Never mind.

via KMOV