NLCS: Game 5

NLCS: Game 5

We didn’t do one of these yesterday, and we lost. Our bad. We’re back at it tonight though. Doin’ it for Torty (the original Cardinal post-season animal).

1st inning: Quick inning for both sides. Ryan Braun got a hit again, but that’s not news.

Top 2nd: Garcia looks good so far, but it’s all about when he gives up a hit or two. Here’s something else: TBS sucks.

7:26p: John Smoltz won’t ever stop talking.

7:28p: How hard is it to keep the game feed working UVerse? It feels like there hasn’t been a post season game that our UVerse HD feed hasn’t crapped out at some point. Oh and the jumpy Carlos Gomez got thrown out on the bases.

Mid 2nd: Ok, we’re just going to say it, the commercial with the little girl is surprising. We had no idea any black people liked country music…other than Hootie (- the Blowfish).

Bottom 2nd: Molina pops out. Eh, I guess we should have waited for his at-bat to end before we posted, but you gotta feel good about that guess.

7:37p: RBI double! Happy to be wrong about Yadi! Still sad that would could never become a banker.

7:39p: Pretty sure Smoltz killed a few Red Bulls before the game. He’s still talking.

7:41p: Great play to steal a hit from Punto by Harriston…followed up by a horrible play. Cardinals get two more runs as Harriston looks to find that hole in his glove.

Top 3rd: With a three run lead, this would be a great time for Garcia to not melt down.

7:51p: Ryan Braun is up.

7:53p: …but Pujols makes a great play to get Braun out! Whew.

**Bottom 3rd: **Bettancourt is a total Pujols copy-cat with his own over the shoulder catch. Naturally the TBS/Brewers play-by-play man prefers Bettancourt’s play.

8:01p: When Lance Berkman steals a base off you, that’s not good. Brewers get out of the inning anyway on the next pitch.

Top 4th: Super easy. Moving on.

Bottom 4th: Last night the Brewers were getting the little dinks and dunks to shallow outfield, tonight the Cardinals are getting them.

8:16p: Odd moves. TLR has Punto bunt with Garcia on deck, but it pays off as Garcia hits an infield chopper, driving in Freese who got a good jump from third.

8:17p: Gomez with a great play to end the inning. Cards up 4 – 0.

Top 5th: Garcia coming apart. 1 Brewer running is in, tying run at bat (of course it’s f*cking Ryan Braun).

8:33pm: Never mind. TLR pulls Garcia, who wasn’t pleased.

8:35pm: From @dgoold: “Best drama of the evening so far is Garcia’s entry into dugout, ignoring backslaps and hands of teammates. Awkward.”

8:39p: Dotel comes in and continues to own Braun. Inning over.

Bottom 5th: Damn Brewers! Making Pujols run by throwing crap over to first base? Just mean.

8:48p: Yadi leaves the bases loaded…with that pop-up we predicted earlier.

Top 6th: Dotel rolls! …as in it was an easy inning. We aren’t describing his back.

Bottom 6th: Another Brewer infield error, bringing Pujols to the plate with 2 on (1st and 3rd).

9:11p: Pujols drives in Frucal, taking advantage of the error. Pitching change for the Brewers.

10:14p: That Three Musketeers movie looks awful.

Top 7th: We really wanted to see Pujols climb the rail, leap to the top of the dugout and then dive in to the stands to catch that fly ball. Guess he’s not a big-time October player.

9:21p: Here comes the boos for Nyjer Morgan. Just ignore him you hoosiers. #nyjerplease

9:24p: From @buster_espn: “Pujols with the DP pick — and a quick how-do-you-like-me-now glance at @TheRealTPlush.”

Bottom 7th: Single. Double-play. Single. Walk. Strikeout.

9:36p: That’s enough, Jimmy Fallon.

Top 8th: It’s Descalso time! Freese out.

9:40p: A couple of guys get on and guess who’s up? Freaking Braun. WTF.

9:44p: Lynn gets out Braun with a chopper and the stretch of a little Frucal leg. Fielder up, Scrabble in to pitch.

9:47p: We’re totally freaking out.

9:48p: Scrabble gets his man! Big out. We feel sexy now.

9:52p: Motte on to get another 4 out save…one out down.

Bottom 8th: Lil’ Pujols aka Frucal, up for the Cards. Not really note-worthy, just wanted to call him that. …and now he’s out.

9:58p: Jay walks and here comes yet another “possible final at-bat” for Pujols. We’ve had like 60 of these already.

10:05p: Berkman walks and is pulled for Chambers. Two on for Holliday. Totally craving a turkey club sandwich.

10:07p: If we get to the World Series, lets have Colby Rasmus throw out a first pitch!

10:08p: Holliday knocks in 2 more runs! Chambers is fast. Berkman would have needed a nap at third to score from first on a double.

10:9p: Pop out. Inning over.

Top 9th: Just remember Motte: Whatever happens out there with these final three outs…we will forever judge you based on this performance. No pressure.

10:12p: Pop up to Jay. One down.

10:14p: Pop up to Frucal…Jay…wait, Frucal…no…Jay. Call it boys! Two down.

10:15p: Third out and game over! Big win. Needed win.

10:16p: From @williamfleitch: “No matter what happens rest of this NLCS, it is absolutely batsh-t crazy that Cardinals are one game away from the World Series right now.”

We’ll leave it there. We enjoyed a nice, not too stressful game, and glad to see the TBS reports Sager’s hair piece stayed on for another night.

One programming note: We will be traveling Sunday and it will probably overlap entirely with the game (suck). So no live blog for game 6. Hopefully that won’t be another jinx.