GIF Week: A Look Back

It’s Friday and we have some more posts coming up later in the day, but first lets recap. Do this next line in your best TV announcer internal voice.

Previously on Punching Kitty…

As we’re sure you know, as of Monday we randomly decided this would be “animated gif week” here on Punching Kitty…and then somewhere around Wednesday we decided it should be “animated gif week (but only use ones we made)” after we used 90’s teen heartthrob James Van Der Beek to illustrate some White People Problems:

It’s funny, but we didn’t make it. We did make Monday’s gif though from the now infamous Ray Vinson local Super Bowl commercial:

On Wednesday, we reviewed the indie flick “Love Stalker”, and made one especially for them with a small chunk of their movie:

It’s so real it’s like Del Taco never left and you can still smell the blood, rancid meat and semen!

Finally, for Thursday, we dipped in to our archives to create the “KMOV News Busters” gif:

So what’s today’s gif? Well, since it’s the final day of Animated GIF week here at Punching Kitty, we’re going to blow it out! We have three brand new, St. Louis GIFs for you! …and you’re going to have to wait until later in the day to see them, because we’re going to be dicks and post them separately a various times so you have to keep coming back! You don’t have to leave though. Instead you can just hang out, read the archives and maybe click an ad or two. Oh but don’t go in to our all white living room with the comfy looking couch. That’s just for lookin’ at, not for sittin’.