What High School Should We Call Me: St. Louis Gets a GIF Blog

Once a week we’ll get a “tip” that just includes a link to some new St. Louis blog and we’ll check it out, be unimpressed and then get back to what important stuff we were doing, like reading a book (which is code for trying to get Jaleel White to retweet us). Last week though was different, not because we didn’t get a link to some new St. Louis blog, but because we got the same link sent to us 25 times and when we took a look it was actually funny. [Read More]
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GIF Week: The Big Finish with Jarrell and His Jheri Curl

[Editor’s Note: For context, this was part of our impromptu “Animated GIF Week“] The first of today’s new GIFs features Jarrell, slicking his Jheri Curl back while the camera dramatically zooms back to show the Arch. It’s god dammed beautiful! For those unaware, Jarrell is the start of our all-time favorite local commercial from the past featuring a music video format and selling a $27.50! You can see the full commercial, with it’s unending gif-able moments in our archives. [Read More]

GIF Week: A Look Back

It’s Friday and we have some more posts coming up later in the day, but first lets recap. Do this next line in your best TV announcer internal voice. Previously on Punching Kitty… As we’re sure you know, as of Monday we randomly decided this would be “animated gif week” here on Punching Kitty…and then somewhere around Wednesday we decided it should be “animated gif week (but only use ones we made)” after we used 90’s teen heartthrob James Van Der Beek to illustrate some White People Problems: [Read More]