Tony LaRussa’s Wife Loves Machine Head

Tony LaRussa’s Wife Loves Machine Head

It’s true! As reported by Deadspin yesterday, Elaine LaRussa, wife of former Cardinal skipper Tony LaRussa, is a huge metal head. This is so awesome we might cry.

Deadspin retold the tail from Robb Flynn, the lead singer of metal band Machine Head, where Elaine accosted him in a Whole Foods:

Flash back to about a year and a half ago… I’m walking through Whole Foods in Walnut Creek talking on the phone to my friend Tom when a lady and her daughter approach me wide-eyed. “Are you fucking Robb Flynn?!” … “I could be…” They scream with delight and make a big ol’ to-do, “oh my god, we’re huge fans, I love ‘The Blackening’, I’m Tony La Russa’s wife!” I’m tripped out, they’re both super nice, we take pictures, my friend is laughing his ass off, more about the fact that I was swarmed in a freakin’ Whole Foods than anything else.

They even met with Flynn (and the band) again in a concert in San Francisco:

So, last February we headline The Warfield in San Francisco, and after the show, who walks in but Elaine, Devon and Tony La Russa. A bunch of my Chicago buddies are there and lose their minds, and hilariously begin sneakin’ pictures with him while he’s talking to someone else by “leaning in” and snapping a quick pic (which became the legend known as “The La Russa Lean”).

Oh and here’s the classic “way too in to his craft” Tony LaRussa part:

Tony L blows my mind when he tells me that I “have so much charisma, he wishes he could bottle it and make his players drink it”.

We can just imagine Tony telling that to spunky little Aaron Miles on a bad day (which was most of his days):

Tony: “Aaron, you know you what you need? You need to go to meet Robb Flynn of Machine Head and drink his charisma. San Francisco is a good spot to do that in.”

Aaron: “Anything for you Tony!”

via Deadspin