Larry Rice Wants to Buy a YMCA for $1

Larry Rice Wants to Buy a YMCA for $1

Larry Rice is continuing to petition Belleville, Illinois voters to pass his ballot measure that would demand the city sell him the vacant YMCA building for one dollar…then he’s going to send his army of homeless people out looking for that one dollar. Here’s hoping Belleville will take a sack of pennies as payment.

The Rev. Larry Rice on Monday submitted a 790-signature petition to the St. Clair County Clerk’s Office to force the ballot measure calling for the city to sell the property to his New Life Evangelistic Center in St. Louis for $1. The Belleville News-Democrat reports the referendum could be on the April 9 municipal ballot if the petitions aren’t challenged by Monday.

The mayor and other business owners are not in to the idea because of the large homeless population it would bring to Belleville, which sounds mean but ask any of the people living on Washington if it still sounds mean after you’ve replaced your car window a few times.

“Can’t those people just sleep anywhere?” The mayor probably asked someone. “After you sleep outside for a certain amount of time you grow fur and the cold doesn’t effect you right? It sounds right…ok, I made that up, but jesus Larry can’t we just hold up on adding more reasons for people to think the Metro East is a shitpile?! California is lovely this time of year.”

via KMOX