High School Summer Camp “Pranked” With Pot Brownies

A summer band camp in O’Fallon, IL is being investigated after a complaint that marijuana-laced brownies were given out as a prank. To us, this “prank” sounds like a way to waste your pot on a bunch of band geeks, but maybe there’s one of those overly hot ones these guys really wanted to see if they could get her high and…have her blow your woodwinds if you get what we’re putting down. You know, there’s usually at least one chick in the band that is abnormally hot. She’s still a total dork usually, but that’s the beauty of it. Girls that are hot and know they are hot are the worst, but who are hot and don’t know they’re hot? That little miracle is how shallow end guys date in the deep end.

Police say the brownies secretly tainted with marijuana were given to 23 students at the camp, but none of them experienced ill effects.

…so then how the hell did anyone know?

Police say they learned of the prank after one suspected student told another about it, and that student reported it to a school official.

That little bitch! Oh man. Game over son. 1. You’re already in the band, and now 2. You’re ratting out guys giving out pot brownies? Kids of O’Fallon Township High School: If you ever want to give this “student” the old “What a dickfor?” joke, we wouldn’t bother as at this rate he really won’t know until he’s 36 and clumsily rolling around with the big lady he met at a his mother’s church event. Both of them will end up crying at the end, and it will be another 12 years before he knows if he got his fingers in third base or just that permanently moist space between belly rolls 5 and 6.

via KMOX