Officials Say Meth Use Falling, Not So Says Shirtless Guy With Holes In Teeth

2methAccording to a national study that was just released, the number of people older than 12 that use meth in this area fell 60% between 2006 and 2008.  Not only that, but the number of people trying meth also dropped 60% as well.

Alright!  High-five cops!

But law enforcement officials took little solace in the numbers.

Awww.  Um…great.  Way to kill the mood.

Now we are happy folk that see the good in these number, but maybe the cops just think that maybe meth heads were too busy to do the survey those years, or the meth death rates jumped up 60% those 2 years.

Eh, wait.  There’s also this:

The number of meth labs and dump sites found in Missouri jumped from 2007 to 2008 after two years of flat numbers. The first six months of 2009 indicate things are getting worse, though still a long way from the dark days in the early 2000s.

“We’re still seeing that there’s a significant problem of methampthetamine use just by the number of meth labs that we’re seizing,” said Cpl. Gerald Williams of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. “If they’re still making it, there’s still demand.”

Yes.  There clearly is still a demand, and the recent concert featuring the worst band ever Nickelback, sold out.  Are the two related?