Our Favorite Stories of 2012

The goal was to get this up on New Year’s Eve, but it didn’t happen as we were blessed with hang0ver-like symptoms a day early without having to work through all that “drinking”, “having fun” and “inappropriately touching girls at bars” stuff! Fun times. List Notes: We’ve already posted the top 10 lists based on what you, the readers, like the most and so we made sure we didn’t duplicate anything from those lists. [Read More]
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Some Guy in South County Built a Castle

With construction nearly complete, the neighbors of the 2300 block of Telegraph Road now have a castle in their midst. South County finally has it’s “Methingham Palace”. Kinda weird, but solid idea going with the grey exterior. Going with white would have been a nightmare with all the drunks trying to find your drive-through window at all hours of the night. It’s still under construction and construction workers on site confirmed the name of the owner, but wouldn’t say anything about why he’s building a castle. [Read More]

One Last Thing On Pujols

We wanted to leave the Pujols news where it was last week and start this week Pujols-free, but this sad attempt to make sure everyone still loves him and his family in St. Louis is beyond pathetic and gave us little choice to really weigh in rather than just post photoshops and videos. “I made a decision. I’m being obedient. I didn’t want to go to a place God didn’t want me to go to. [Read More]

KTRS’ JC Corcoran Suspended 2 Weeks for Telling Pretty Much Everyone To Blow Themselves

So remember when we celebrated “JC Corcoran Says Pujols Will Re-Sign Today” Day? Well that whole thing is still going on. No, not the actual day, that came and went with no Pujols news. What’s still been happening is all the chatter since then which came to a head yesterday after KTRS suspended Corcoran for two weeks, as was initially reported by STLToday, but was independently confirmed with our sources as well. [Read More]

Crazy Guy Claims the Arch Can Control the Weather

I think we all can agree the St. Louis’ monument the Gateway Arch certainly has some special powers. For example it’s pretty clear that thing is some how a super magnet for attracting street crime, crappy hockey goalies and cheesy tourist calendar photographers, but maybe there’s something else going on there… The St. Louis Arch, a 636 ft. monument on the west bank of the Mississippi River, has stood for nearly forty years. [Read More]

Dos and Don’ts For Your Mardi Gras Weekend

Mardi Gras is upon us, but that’s especially true for the fine residents of Soulard who enjoy the often repeated pleasure of “Dude! You can just get wasted and walk back home!” …but alas, they also have to look at the invading drunken hoards for an entire weekend, and lets face it, some are better to look at than others. Ok, lets really face it: Some of ya’ll are gross. It’s ok though! [Read More]

Finding Things in the Weather Radar is Fun

It’s about the time of year when everyone in St. Louis pretends we are actually in New Mexico and begins to freak out about any nominal snow fall. “Oh no! Snow is coming! Who would have predicted 3 inches of snow in January?!” It’s even worse after the whole New Year’s Eve deal, which turned the St. Louis area population in to a bunch of cave people (ok, some of them were pretty close already) scared of anything with the word “storm” in it as though the weather gods are out to get us. [Read More]
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KMOV’s Virginia Kerr Had Her Baby, Told Twitter ALL About It

The great thing about Twitter is that if you ever want to know how dilated your local morning news anchor’s sniz is while she’s going through labor, you can know. We live in the future. Where’s our god-dammed hoverboard?! Starting with: “This [sic] it! I’m in labor, people!” KMOV morning anchor and resident cutie, Virginia Kerr started the process of labor and a steady stream of tweets up until a few moments before she pooped out her baby boy. [Read More]

The Worst Music Video Ever Was Shot in a St. Louis Condo’s Kitchen

So St. Louis” is a music video making the rounds by Corle. In case you were wondering, the song is about being “so St. Louis”, and though it might just be a serious attempt to make an hit music video, it’s far better to view under the “lame tourism video” filter. (like this one for Cleveland)

“I could just say St. Louis over and over again, that would be cool.”

“I would turn your flat-billed hat a little sideways…”

“Well god Carl, of course I’m going to turn my hat a little sideways, I…”

“…ok! Well I think that’s all you need.”

“No, it needs something more. Something really obvious.”

“More obvious than saying ‘St. Louis’ over and over?”

“Yeah…wait! What if I stand in front of every building in the greater St. Louis area!”


Now as we all know, the most crucial scene in a rap video is the party scene. Every rapper spends roughly 92% of his time at fabulous parties, so showing one of them in a video is crucial as proof to the fact of your awesome rappines. This dude did his in some condo kitchen. It’s not bad though, I think I saw a sexy lady over to the left by the hot plate:

Ok ok ok. We’ll give the guy a break he did at least manage to get the Sir-Mix-A-Lot booty shot in there, so points for that:

…but if we are going to give him points for that, we will have to deduct for “making it rain” with singles:

That really seems more like “making it drizzle”.

Click through the jump to watch the whole video and see if he shot any of it in front of your house!

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So, About That Whole KSDK Interview…

Late Friday afternoon, after exchanging emails with an assignment editor, KSDK reporter Ashley Yarchin came to Punching Kitty headquarters to do a story about our recent post “Craigslist: Anyone Seen the Cardinals Team We Had in April?” and in turn, Punching Kitty the blog. Once setting up all the one-man-show reporter gear in our office we talked on camera about when I started Punching Kitty, what its about, then specifically about the Craigslist post followed by a dramatic reading of my posting. [Read More]