Soulard Grease Thieves Caught By Off Duty Cop

St. Louis’ rapid acceleration towards becoming the real life version of The Simpson’s Springfield took another step forward yesterday when a warrant was issued for Bryon Aston (white) and Landon Thomas (right). The charge? Stealing grease. Yes, it would appear that people actually do that. Police say an officer working at John D. McGurk’s Pub saw a grease truck near the business and two men illegally removing the grease. The officer was able to curb the vehicle and take pair into custody during the early morning hours Saturday. [Read More]

Dos and Don’ts For Your Mardi Gras Weekend

Mardi Gras is upon us, but that’s especially true for the fine residents of Soulard who enjoy the often repeated pleasure of “Dude! You can just get wasted and walk back home!” …but alas, they also have to look at the invading drunken hoards for an entire weekend, and lets face it, some are better to look at than others. Ok, lets really face it: Some of ya’ll are gross. It’s ok though! [Read More]