Del Taco is Gross, Don’t Take Us There or We Will Stab You

There might have been another reason in play, but if we were in a car with you and you drove us to Del Taco, we would stab you. It’s gross. Don’t care how late it is or hungry we are, we will never say yes to the fast food version of rib-jobbing a sweaty Mexican donkey ride guy. The victim told police that he and a 31-year-old white male were at the drive thru of Del Taco when they got into an argument. [Read More]

Homeless Camp Hopeville Under Fire Over Fires

St. Louis premiere homeless person shanty town Hopeville, which we’ve coveredbefore, is under city pressure again. The city thinks the current Hopeville installation is a fire hazard after three tents burned last week. In the fire last week, one tent caught fire, and witnesses said it spread to at least two others. A few propane tanks that were being stored in the first tent exploded. While a propane heater was being used in the tent, it was unclear how the fire started. [Read More]

Governor Nixon Doesn’t Wear His Seat Belt

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon was in a car accident Friday and it turns out he doesn’t wear his seat belt. He even (might have) said that people that do wear their seat belts are pussies and will never grow up to be big and strong like to Governor. Nixon was treated and released from a hospital after the Missouri State Highway Patrol car in which he was riding was rear-ended in a three-vehicle accident on U. [Read More]

Wentzville Police Debut New Drug Drop-off Box

Have some extra drugs you don’t need? Swing them by the Wentzville Police Department if you don’t want them. They have a drop box for that now. Time until 4 highschool kids beat the hell out of this thing with a bat to get at the expired woman’s fertility drugs inside? 6 hours. Removing expired or unused drugs from home medicine cabinets will help in combating prescription drug abuse, especially by adolescents, according to a release from the city. [Read More]

Lambert Airport to Go 100% Smoke Free, Still Plans to Allow Crapiness

His Mayorness, Francis Slay, announced yesterday that Lambert Airport is going 100% smoke free starting on January 2nd, 2011. The move conicides with the earlier removal of major airline hubs, any semblance of security, and decent flights that don’t involve you going the wrong direction for 6 hours to get to a real airport to make your connecting flight. [T]he city will close — and eventually tear down — the five airport smoking lounges on Jan. [Read More]

St. Louis 12th in Gonorrhea, 2nd in Chlamydia

St. Louis: Where the people you don’t know shoot you and the people you love give you an STD! …but we have the Arch!!! St. Louis dropped from the #1 Gonorrhea city to the 12th in the recently released federal statistics, but held firm on to the silver medal for Chlamydia. Each year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention releases data on the three sexually transmitted diseases — chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis — that physicians are required to report. [Read More]

Hoarder’s House Burns Down in Fairview Heights

Last night in Fairview Heights a house caught fire, burning completely to the ground. Fire destroyed a Fairview Heights home early today that the fire chief said was crammed full of possessions “from floor to ceiling.” “The city had just ordered her out of the house, because it was totally packed from floor to ceiling with books, newspapers, clothing, a grand piano,” he said. “You name it.” Who knew stank, despair, long forgotten cats buried in knick-knacks, and old newspapers were so dammed flammable! [Read More]

St. Peters Forgets What County They are in, Bans Chewing Tobacco Spit

The Mayor of St. Peters saw some guy spit chewing tobacco on the sidewalk in front of city hall and it started his quest to ban the spitting of tobacco juice. That quest ended last Thursday. If you live or work in the city of St. Peters and you’re out in public – no more spitting tobacco juice on the ground. The St. Peters Police Department says they’ve had trouble with spitting in the past, and they say they even see people spitting who are waiting in line at the courthouse. [Read More]

Beatle Bob Thinks Kids Will Listen to Him

St. Louis’ Beatle Bob, the uber fan of all shows (and fan of this very site) who has been to a show every night since Jesus was like 26 or something has a new project that doesn’t involve kicking people in the shins with his flailing dance moves. Bob is included on a children’s album about eating healthy. “Healthy Food for Thought: Good Enough to Eat,” which is apparently not at all a joke, is a double-CD with songs about nutrition and exercise. [Read More]

Everyone at the Soulard Market Keep it Down!

Hear the World, the hippie arm of Phonak, the hearing aid maker, sent someone out to popular St. Louis locations to see just how loud they were. They’re results were: Market Street and Memorial Drive/I-70 Overpass – 86 decibels Soulard Market – 83 decibels Washington Loft District – 76 decibels South Grand and Juniata Street – 75 decibels The Loop – 73 decibels [Read More]