The Top 5 Other Things The Cardinals Were Happy About

Yeah! Pujols looked like Pujols the other night against the Cubs when he dropped two bombs on them, the last of which in the 12th inning to seal the victory. Here’s what it looked like via the St. Louis Post Dispatch: A great moment to be sure with lots of happy little Cardinal faces…almost too happy. Sure a walk-off victory against the Cubs is great, but if you were really the best fans in baseball you would have kept watching the game and noticed a few other things followed Pujols down the baseline that elicited the same jubilant reaction. [Read More]

Tony and Albert Looked a Little Freaked Out at Saturday’s Game

What the hell had Albert Pujols and Tony LaRussa so spooked in these Getty Image photos from Saturday’s game versus the Kansas City Royals? A: It was just at that moment that someone realized that the freaking Rod Barajas is currently out-hitting Pujols. B: They were both just told that the new movie “Beaver” isn’t exactly what they thought it was, and was actually about a crazy old racist actor trying to make a comeback with a puppet, instead of what we all really want to see him do to turn his career around, _Air America 2_. [Read More]

We Know the Reason For the Crappy Start of Franklin and Pujols

11 games in to the Cardinals 2010 season and for two prominent Cardinal members we have the following lines: Ryan Franklin: 9.82 ERA, 1 Save, 4 Earned Runs in 3.2 innings Albert Pujols: .182 Average, 1 HR, 4 RBIs, in 44 at bats It’s early of course, but these ugly starts have been over-analyzed already by every sports talking head both in and out of town, but they’re all wrong. Who has the real answer? [Read More]

Did Pujols and the Cardinals Censor Joe Sports Fan?

Yesterday Cardinals closer, and recent discoverer of Twitter, Ryan Franklin tweeted out a photo of some country star or something who visited the team’s spring training site. The tweet, since removed, said “Got a rookie on the team @davidnail” with a link to this photo: We didn’t even notice the awesomeness that this picture held in it’s background, but the guys at Joe Sports did and it may have brought the wrath of the Cardinals and Albert Pujols, big bad #5, down on them. [Read More]

Albert Pujols Invalidates Your Death

In the screen grab included below of’s home page, you see that Albert Pujols has managed to triumph over death! Four mentions of the Pujols contract dominate the home page, while 3 other stories about crime and death sink to the bottom like the boring crap news they are. Oh you died today and you want people to recognize it or something? Should have thought about that before you up and died on “contract deadline day”! [Read More]

Counting Down to Pujols’ New Contract Deadline

Less than a month remains until St. Louis baseball legend Albert Pujols’ self-defined deadline for when contract talks between him and the Cardinals need to be done or he will go to free agency. Instead of updating you daily like all the local sports sources have already started to do, we’re just going to put up a little countdown clock. Feel free to just stare at that whenever you’d like. [Read More]

A Cardinals Winter Warm-Up Wrap-Up

Each off-season, the Cardinals hold their annual “Winter Warm-Up” about this time, consisting of player interviews, banquets, fan-forums, autograph sessions and a chance to get old fan-favorite players to come out in an effort to get as many hoosiers to take a hammer to their piggy bank, pile in their truck and come on in to the big city. Not exactly our scene. Others cover the even much better and with far less kicking of shins than we would, so we leave it to them and then recap the whole thing, in no particular order, the following Monday. [Read More]

Pujols Gets 2MVP (2nd Most Valuable Player) Award for 2010 Season

The Cardinals’ Albert Pujols lost the vote for the 2010 National League MVP, coming in second to the Reds’ Joey Votto, but did get his 8th consecutive top 10 finish, putting him only behind Barry “Yeah, right there. Shove it in my ass!” Bonds who had 9. Though Pujols was next in line, the vote was hardly close with Pujols only getting one 1st place vote. A vote that made sure to call out the scribe that cast it: [Read More]

Pujols and LaRussa Attend Glenn Beck Rally

“I made it clear when we were approached: I said, ‘If it’s political, I wouldn’t even approach Albert with it.’ I don’t want to be there if it’s political,” That’s Tony LaRussa talking last week about the rally in the nations capitol over the weekend put on by Glenn Beck and featuring Sarah Palin. Political? Maybe, maybe not. Controversial? No doubt about it. Beck’s rally has both ruffled feathers and drawn curious looks for its choice of date and guests, despite Beck’s claims that the point is only to restore the honor of stuff that most believe still had plenty of honor in the tank, and is saying any date-correlations are completely accidental (the day the rally takes place is the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech). [Read More]