Tony and Albert Looked a Little Freaked Out at Saturday’s Game

What the hell had Albert Pujols and Tony LaRussa so spooked in these Getty Image photos from Saturday’s game versus the Kansas City Royals?

A: It was just at that moment that someone realized that the freaking Rod Barajas is currently out-hitting Pujols.

B: They were both just told that the new movie “Beaver” isn’t exactly what they thought it was, and was actually about a crazy old racist actor trying to make a comeback with a puppet, instead of what we all really want to see him do to turn his career around, Air America 2.

C: Teammate Lance Berkman, possibly over-doing it a bit, decided to lighten the clubhouse mood by doing that thing from Silence of the Lambs where the guy has a wig, lipstick and a silk robe on while pushing his junk between his legs and asking if anyone would “f*ck me so hard“? [Editor’s Note: Yeah, that’s a link to the clip. NSFW-ish.] The stunt was off-putting from the front, but Tony and Albert were standing behind him.

D: Can’t. Look. Away. Hypnotized. By. Arm. Fat. Just let them score two so she’ll put her arms down!