Counting Down to Pujols’ New Contract Deadline

Less than a month remains until St. Louis baseball legend Albert Pujols’ self-defined deadline for when contract talks between him and the Cardinals need to be done or he will go to free agency. Instead of updating you daily like all the local sports sources have already started to do, we’re just going to put up a little countdown clock. Feel free to just stare at that whenever you’d like.

Check it (Unless you are on an iPod/iPad/iPhone/Windows Phone/a computer that can’t run flash/you turned off flash because it sucks.):

One detail that is fuzzy so far with this contract deadline is when exactly is Pujols defining the start of Spring Training? When pitchers and catchers report, February 13th, or something as nebulous as when Pujols, who always goes to Jupiter, FL early every year, gets there? We decided that would be a dick move on Pujols part, so the only really fair option would be February 18th, the date that position players are set to report.

We still think this deal will get done with Pujols getting an average of $26-$27 Million dollars a year for a 7 year contract, probably with options for years 8 & 9. The Cardinals need this to get done too badly and Pujols won’t get the same treatment anywhere else. Will it be before the deadline? Maybe not. Even if Pujols goes to free agency, we still hold with our final contract guess above.

Getting a $200 Million dollar contract is big doings even for the already rich Pujols. Here’s hoping he will finally be able to afford to get his wife Deidre those glamour shot yearbook-style photos she’s been so desperately needing. Oh wait, nevermind. She already has them.

I guess just spend it on Dominican ballparks or something.