A Cardinals Winter Warm-Up Wrap-Up

Each off-season, the Cardinals hold their annual “Winter Warm-Up” about this time, consisting of player interviews, banquets, fan-forums, autograph sessions and a chance to get old fan-favorite players to come out in an effort to get as many hoosiers to take a hammer to their piggy bank, pile in their truck and come on in to the big city.

Not exactly our scene.

Others cover the even much better and with far less kicking of shins than we would, so we leave it to them and then recap the whole thing, in no particular order, the following Monday.

Albert Pujols flatly stated that if he doesn’t get a contract settled by spring training, he will test the free agent market.

Matt Holliday wants to know what position he’ll be playing in 2011. Freaking whiner.

Ryan Franklin wants to keep pitching beyond 2011, thinks he’ll be able to load the bases just as effectively well in to his 40s.

Matt Holliday and family, bought a house and moved to West County. You’ll need this map now for reals Matt.

Lance Berkman thinks the Cardinals have got a shot at the Series this year. Not if your ass can’t cover more than 10 feet of ground in the outfield Lance.

The Cardinals have still not signed Aaron Miles. Give it time.

Joe Sports Fan got a head start on Pujols leaving the Cardinals with this touching video. You’ll press play for Pujols, but stay for the little Bernie Miklasz dance towards the end: