Woman Tricks Cops, Steals Their Wallet to Buy Smokes and Lottery Tickets

In what had to have been one of the most embarrassing police reports filed in at least the last few years, two St. Louis officiers detailed how they were conned, robbed and then duped again by a 25-year old woman named Tonia. Tonia Rene Hart, 25, of the 5400 block of Blow Street, told police that her boyfriend had stolen her keys after an argument. The officers drove Hart to her boyfriend’s home, two blocks away, and left her in the cruiser while they went inside. [Read More]

Stolen Tow Truck Used to Rob Family Dollar Store

Apparently there is something in a Family Dollar store than has some value: The safe. Thieves used a tow truck to yank a large safe from a Family Dollar store early Monday morning, police said. Police said it was unknown how much money was in the safe. We’re betting is was mostly dollar bills, half of which were wadded up and probably wet for some reason. The other half smelled like menthol sadness. [Read More]

KMOV Refuses to Say The South City Peeping Tom Was Masturbating

There’s a “Peeping Tom” terrorizing South City neighborhoods creeping outside people’s windows and hanging out in alleys furiously jacking it. Even worse, he’s dying for that eye-contact. The man has been spotted several times in the 7600 block of Virginia Street performing a solo sex act. Residents say the man would stand outside people’s windows performing a sex act on himself, and those residents say has been happening for weeks. [Read More]

Some Little Bitch Tried to Steal From a One-Legged Old Lady

Watch out everyone! Tough guy coming through! Brandon Welch, 20 (but apparently going on 12 by the looks of that photo) needed some money and he tried real hard to make it the honest way. He wanted to do some yard work, and even asked a whole two times before deciding to just get a mask and go the home invasion route on the only person in St. Louis his little ass thought he could take: A 80 year old lady in a wheelchair because she lost a leg to gangrene. [Read More]

Mayor Slay Found an Almost Dead Guy in South City

No, no no. This isn’t some symbolic deal where we say Mayor Slay found the beaten body of a nearly dead spirit of St. Louis on the sidewalk that told him he should probably do a little more about the crime. Mayor Slay actually found the beaten body of a nearly dead guy on the sidewalks of South City. Mayor Slay said he was traveling along South Grand Boulevard near the intersection of Utah Street in south St. [Read More]

Onions Spilled on Interstate 55 as Missouri’s Truck Spilled Sandwich Nears Completion

This morning people were crying over the traffic as it ground to a halt because of yet another truck spilling it’s payload all over the highway and the aroma the payload left behind. A truck lost a load of onions on I-55 just north of the 7th Street/Park exit, north of where [I-44 and I-55] merge south of downtown. After clearing the onions themselves off to the shoulder, crews called in a street sweeper to clean up the juice left over after hundreds were run over by vehicles. [Read More]

Red 7 Club: Anything Goes, but No Means No

South City club Red 7 is in deep lately, which apparently is the norm, but what it’s deep in is a little different now. St. Louis Police and Liquor Control officer secretly infiltrated the club during one of the “St. Louis Adult Connection” hosted swinger parties in an effort to verify anonymous tips of lewd behavior at the establishment…or at least that’s their story. Excise Commissioner Robert Kraiberg said that, over two decades as city liquor chief, he has seen a few clubs busted for breaking the city’s “lewd and indecent conduct” ordinance – Girls Gone Wild videotaping, risqué lingerie parties, and the like. [Read More]

The Spandex House of South City

We know what you’re thinking: Photos of Kirstie Alley jogging aren’t relatable to you…but wait! Look again. True enough, that’s a large amount of spandex wrapped around a huge immovable object, but it’s actually a house, not Kirstie Alley. Seriously. Keep looking…try squinting a little…the trick is to look through the picture. There you go! See? House. We know, it’s tough. The house is on the corner of Arsenal and Iowa in South City and is indeed wrapped in white, gold chain-patterned, spandex. [Read More]

South St. Louis Gun Fight Ends With Suspect and US Marshal Dead

A scene right out of an action movie played out in St. Louis again yesterday when two city police officers and eight (8!) US Marshals showed up at the door of the wanted Carlos Boles. Taking Mr. Boles in to custody at his South City home did not go smoothly. Police and US Marshals then began a floor by floor search for Boles. Once discovered, the suspect fired and the law enforcement officials returned fire, according to William Sibert with the U. [Read More]

Armored Car Robber Gets Nabbed, Then Insulted by Police

An armored car was running through a standard pickup at the Shop ‘n Save off Chippewa next to the new-ish Wendy’s that finally allow us to get a freaking junior bacon cheese burger and a vanilla frosty from time to time, when a man put a gun in the back of the armored car’s “runner”. After being handed a couple of bags of money, the man ran off on foot (probably to the Wendy’s first, since it’s like the only one around). [Read More]