Red 7 Club: Anything Goes, but No Means No

South City club Red 7 is in deep lately, which apparently is the norm, but what it’s deep in is a little different now.

St. Louis Police and Liquor Control officer secretly infiltrated the club during one of the “St. Louis Adult Connection” hosted swinger parties in an effort to verify anonymous tips of lewd behavior at the establishment…or at least that’s their story.

Excise Commissioner Robert Kraiberg said that, over two decades as city liquor chief, he has seen a few clubs busted for breaking the city’s “lewd and indecent conduct” ordinance – Girls Gone Wild videotaping, risqué lingerie parties, and the like.

“But this is exceptional,” he said. “It’s sort of like raves used to be. If you’re not watching the swinger pages, you’re not going to know about it.”

We believe that’s official police talk way of saying “The stank in there was crazy.”

The undercover officers paired up in male/female couples, paid the standard $30 entrance fee and got the rules read to them by the probably creepy looking fat sweaty guy working the desk at a sex party. This one’s name is “Todd”:

“Anything goes here, but no means no,” Todd told the officers, according to the report. “The sex is give and take; you get with someone’s date, they can get with yours.”

Right then is where the male officers started looking around, evaluating the situation. “…anyone in here I’d want to bang…or anyone with an ugly enough partner that I could make my partner bang? …no…no…no…not her…eh, maybe…no…hmm, I’ll come back to her…no…no…no…no…” Later, around midnight, the police raided Red 7 causing the sweaty little swingers grabbed their silk shirts and mustache combs and head for the door.

STLToday got no comment from the club’s owners, but that’s because they suck at reporting and try to make it all hard by calling people and saying “Hi, I’m a reporter from the Post Dispatch and I’d like to ask you a few questions about *click*” Always making things difficult on themselves…just check Facebook!

Co-owner Jeff Koenigs placed this comment on the club’s Facebook page.

Don’t believe everything you read or hear unless you were there. This is a nasty business (excuse the pun) and the competition will do anything to get ahead (another one LOL). Forget about it and come party with us this weekend. Please share this so no one thinks we’re closed.