Police Sweep Through Cahokia, Arresting Pretty Much Everyone

Cahokia, Illinois isn’t just an 6th grade class’ field trip location to learn about indians, it also happens to be completely overrun by criminals. In a shocking move the police finally got together to solve the problem and someone asked “Well, could just go get them at their house?”

That’s just crazy enough to work.

Dozens of law enforcers swept every home, looking for wanted criminals.

“A lot of people scattered, retreated into their homes,” State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly said of the scene when officers rolled in.

Just an hour in, eight people had been arrested.

This new police strategy follows several previously less successful plans, such as “Wait to see if they turn themselves in”, “Dude, Armageddon is on! We should order pizza and watch it at the station!” and “Eh, lets just see how it goes”

via KMOX