Not News: Stupid Cincinnati Radio Show Has Stupid Contest About LaRussa

We’re loving all the Cardinals vs Reds stuff over the past year. It has real potential to get good rather than that stupid “We just respect each other too much.” rivalry with the Astros a few years back. The problem is that Tony LaRussa and Walt Jocketty are still buddies and that friendship is really holding this whole thing back.

Take this recent business with the Cincinnati radio station doing a contest bit making fun of LaRussa’s on-going spat with shingles.

La Russa missed last week’s series against one of the red birds’ biggest rivals, the Reds, to recover. One Cincinnati radio station decided to take the rivalry a little too far during his absence by taking pleasure in La Russa’s pain.

The station not only made jokes about his condition, but also tried to make some money. WLW created an ad involving a roofing company that gave listeners a chance to “win some shingles of your own.”

Pairing the ailment of shingles with the shingles on your roof, isn’t exactly the kind of next-level bit that will take the comedy world by storm, but it probably played well enough in Cincinnati so great, good for them for buying their particular radio station another day before they all get fired so someone can just plug their iPod in to the control panel. It would have been pretty cool if Tony would have called in to bitch them out, or maybe Dave Duncan can call someone else “classless” (Reds tip: The trick is to make fun of Chris Duncan), but no…the Reds whined about the contest, stated publicly that they had nothing to do with it, despite the fact that no one thought they did, and the Reds CEO even demanded the station take all mentions of the contest of it’s site.

Grow a pair WLW! The freaking Reds are taking things off your site now?! Haven’t they stolen enough this year?!

The old pro at stirring up shit is Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman. That old retard can’t ever keep his mouth shut…it’s funny mind you, but we aren’t always laughing with him. Calling Carpenter a “whiner” is pretty funny for instance, and a sentiment that we’re sure that ex-Cardinal Brendan Ryan agrees with, since Carpenters is one of those guys that has to make himself mad about something to pitch at his best. Calling out Joe Pettini for saying “It’s always something when you come in here.” make that old dumbass look a little slow in the uptake however if he already forgot the little skirmish last year that only cost Jason LaRue the last couple years of his career. All in all, we’re ok with Mary Brennaman thing. You have to take the shots at you in stride and really enjoy when the crazy old bastard takes shots at other people.

What? You forgot Marty Brennaman is the same guy that dropped an epic rant on the Cubs a few years back (It was our #1 favorite Cubs rant)? Blew your little Cardinal focused mind did we by showing you and your enemy have a common bond huh? It’s like finding out Hitler didn’t care for lima beans either.

via USAToday and KMOV