Cardinals Dominate Cincinnati’s “Most Disliked Sports Personalities” put a poll up to their readers to find out who the area’s most disliked sports personalities were. The amount of both former and current St. Louis Cardinals is hard to miss. Here’s the list (so you don’t have to click the source link an then click through the stupid slideshow): Chris Carpenter, current Cardinal pitcher (12) Jim Edmonds, former Cardinal and Reds outfielder (18) Michael Vick, Eagles Quarterback (24) [Read More]

Not News: Stupid Cincinnati Radio Show Has Stupid Contest About LaRussa

We’re loving all the Cardinals vs Reds stuff over the past year. It has real potential to get good rather than that stupid “We just respect each other too much.” rivalry with the Astros a few years back. The problem is that Tony LaRussa and Walt Jocketty are still buddies and that friendship is really holding this whole thing back. Take this recent business with the Cincinnati radio station doing a contest bit making fun of LaRussa’s on-going spat with shingles. [Read More]

Who’s a Little Bitch Now Asshole?: 7 Notes for the Brandon Phillips Hangover

Here’s a few quick notes in the aftermath of Brandon Phillips’ testicles finally dropping. Turns out they were behind his vagina.

1. If Phillips’ balls finally made an appearance, they went right back up inside after Yadier Molina got in his face.

2. Brandon Phillips drives the douchiest car imaginable. Naturally.

Not more than a few days ago, Yahoo! Sports dropped this little nugget about how the now famous Brandon Phillips: He drives a big purple expensive douche-mobile!

3. There is reason to cheer for Phillips.

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The Cincinnati Red’s Transformation to the 2004 Cardinals is Nearly Complete

The Cincinnati Reds currently count quite a few former Cardinals on their staff, starting from the top with Walt Jockety, and following up with Scott Rolen, Russ Springer, Mike Lincoln, and now, possibly, Jason Isringhausen? You think watching Ryan Franklin every night gives you a ulcer? Izzy’s back ya’ll! Appearing on KFNS 590 The Fan with Doug Vaughn this morning, free agent reliever Jason Isringhausen said he has a tentative plan to audition for the Reds tomorrow. [Read More]