The Cincinnati Red’s Transformation to the 2004 Cardinals is Nearly Complete

The Cincinnati Reds currently count quite a few former Cardinals on their staff, starting from the top with Walt Jockety, and following up with Scott Rolen, Russ Springer, Mike Lincoln, and now, possibly, Jason Isringhausen?

You think watching Ryan Franklin every night gives you a ulcer? Izzy’s back ya’ll!

Appearing on KFNS 590 The Fan with Doug Vaughn this morning, free agent reliever Jason Isringhausen said he has a tentative plan to audition for the Reds tomorrow.

Pfft. Izzy went down with a need for some Tommy John surgery action after a feeble 2009 with the Tampa Bay Rays. We don’t think he’ll be much of a factor than Triple-A roster fill. We loved the work Izzy did, but his big problem was not realizing when he shouldn’t be out there. Use your head Walt!

Isringhausen added that he expects to hear back from the Cardinals this week and implied that his agent has been in contact with the Yankees, Rays, and Royals.

Oh God.

Dude! Walt! We were just playing yo! Izzy looks strong…really strong…like “remember the old times” strong. You should probably sign him. Yup, that’s what you should definitely do. Like now. Call him now.

$5 bucks says that the Cardinals brass are showing Tony LaRussa the intricite details of every single nicknack in their office buying time for the Reds before Tony realizes Izzy wants to pitch here again.

via MLB Trade Rumors