Cardinals Dominate Cincinnati’s “Most Disliked Sports Personalities” put a poll up to their readers to find out who the area’s most disliked sports personalities were. The amount of both former and current St. Louis Cardinals is hard to miss. Here’s the list (so you don’t have to click the source link an then click through the stupid slideshow):

  1. Chris Carpenter, current Cardinal pitcher (12)

  2. Jim Edmonds, former Cardinal and Reds outfielder (18)

  3. Michael Vick, Eagles Quarterback (24)

  4. Brian Kelly, Notre Dame coach (26)

  5. Yadier Molina, current Cardinals catcher (28)

  6. Tony LaRussa, current Cardinals manager (54)

  7. LeBron Games, Miami Heat player (55)

  8. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers Quarterback (58)

  9. Hines Ward, Steelers wide reciever (72)

  10. Mike Brown, Bengals owner (388)

Four out of ten! Pretty good showing for the Redbirds! Other notables are that Jim Edmonds played for the damn Reds not long ago, (but not long enough to curry any favor it appears), and the fact that Tony LaRussa was very close to being more “despised” than one of the US’ most often hated athletes and a accused rapist! How close? Good question, lets get the list with vote totals, which were pulled from the slideshow captions.

10. Chris Carpenter 12

9. Jim Edmonds – 18

  1. Michael Vick – 24

  2. Brian Kelly – 26

6. Yadier Molina – 28

5. Tony LaRussa – 54

  1. LeBron Games – 55

  2. Ben Roethlisberger – 58

  3. Hines Ward – 72

  4. Mike Brown – 388

Only four votes between TLR and an accused rapist? Lighten up Cincinnati! …wait, 58 votes for #3?!?!? Jesus, it only took 12 votes to get Chris Carpenter on the list! The Bangles coach got nearly 400 votes, but for doesn’t appear to have reached statistically significant numbers with their little pole did they?

Well I guess they had no choice to run with their little poll voted on by people in the office, because it was either that or keep making this old bearded guy update his blog post on the timing of Nick Lachey, the fallen star of Cincinnati, and his admittedly hot girlfriend’s wedding. Stay in school kids! …unless you’re studying journalism. If you are, just drop out because you don’t need four years of school to get someone to pay you next to nothing to write about has-been local celebrity weddings and upload photos for the results of a poll no one voted on.