Armored Car Robber Gets Nabbed, Then Insulted by Police

An armored car was running through a standard pickup at the Shop ‘n Save off Chippewa next to the new-ish Wendy’s that finally allow us to get a freaking junior bacon cheese burger and a vanilla frosty from time to time, when a man put a gun in the back of the armored car’s “runner”. After being handed a couple of bags of money, the man ran off on foot (probably to the Wendy’s first, since it’s like the only one around).

Don’t worry, we aren’t exactly talking about a scene from The Town here. This moron was caught fairly quickly at a home “very near” the robbery’s location. How did they catch the armed thug so quickly? The St. Louis police are great at what they do! …also this guy was apparently a grade-A dipshit.

It appears the suspect had left a clue behind.  Police won’t say specifically what it might have been, but it allowed them to make an arrest in a very short period of time.

“I can’t be specific.  I can tell you he wasn’t a genius.  We were able to do some nice quick leg work and clean this up in a rapid manor,” Howard said.

The suspect was caught in a residence very near where the robbery happened.  Police wouldn’t say if it was his home or someone else’s.

If you have the cops calling you out on you dumbass-ery then it must have been something pretty dumb he left behind at the scene of the crime. Here’s a list of guesses:

  1. Drivers license.

  2. His cell phone.

  3. His Facebook login and password.

  4. His car, still running, in the parking lot with his girlfriend in the passenger seat.

  5. A flipbook he made of different photos he took of himself during the planning stages including one in front of his house holding a giant map that has a large arrow labeled “This is where I, Dummy McCokedout of 134 Moron Lane, will rob the armored car.”

via Fox2