Some Fat Kid in Wig Tried to Steal a Bunch of Pork Products From the Alton Shop N Save

The 19-year old pictured above wearing his awesome wig, Darrion Taylor, was recently apprehended at the Alton Shop ‘N Save by the store’s security guard and his off-duty policeman father who was visiting the store that the time. Taylor was trying to sneak out the following pork products totaling roughly $44 dollars: 2 packages of Pork Picnic Roast 2 packages of bacon 2 packages of Oreos 1 box of Peanut Butter Puffs cereal 1 package of “meat” 1 package of port shanks 1 package of Bar-S Jumbo Franks From the looks of it also appears homeboy was smuggling a few hams in his shirt, but he may have had them already as KSDK didn’t list them in the oddly intricate details they provided for some reason. [Read More]

Armored Car Robber Gets Nabbed, Then Insulted by Police

An armored car was running through a standard pickup at the Shop ‘n Save off Chippewa next to the new-ish Wendy’s that finally allow us to get a freaking junior bacon cheese burger and a vanilla frosty from time to time, when a man put a gun in the back of the armored car’s “runner”. After being handed a couple of bags of money, the man ran off on foot (probably to the Wendy’s first, since it’s like the only one around). [Read More]