Woah! Be Cool STLToday. No One Needs to Get Hurt Today.

Ok…there’s no reason we can’t all walk away from this. Click on an ad? Sure. Whatever you want…um which one? Uh…we mean we don’t see them because they are so unobtrusive and not at all annoying when they roll over what I’m trying to read and can’t go back up. Look, if you want to keep paying Jeff Gordon to do who knows what, that’s fine. It has nothing to do with us…lets just not take this to a point where you can’t turn back man. [Read More]

Whoops!: STLToday Has the Best Ads

Found by a reader on STLToday over the weekend:

We aren’t sure at this time if the glue would have helped keep the swing together better or if STLToday is suggesting we actually put the child back together with Elmers.

More as this story develops.

Post Dispatch Moves Around People’s Jobs on “Pretend Any of This Matters” Day.

According to both the Riverfront Times and the Post-Dispatch, our local dead-tree news source is moving some people around slightly in their jobs. Initial speculation is that the Post Dispatch celebrated the internal holiday of “Pretend Any of This Matters” Day…or just needed to fill a little space on page 14 between the first ad and the other four. Most noticeable among those is the switch at City Hall where education reporter David Hunn will step in forJake Wagman who’s covered St. [Read More]

The Rams Have Been Bought and the Hoosiers Are Pissed!

Lets face it. Hoosiers love football. Its not like Nascar where only hoosiers like it, but still…hoosiers love football. Ya think any of these totally liberal and culturally understanding fellas were a tad taken aback by the impeding sale of the Rams to some guy that didn’t look like them? Here’s a fun game! Go to the first post that broke the story on STLToday.com (here) and count the number of times some STLToday moderator had to remove someone’s comment for being “off topic. [Read More]

Kurt Greenbaum Thinks He Did Nothing Wrong (with video)

precedent noun |ˈpresid(ə)nt| an earlier event or action that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances Just a little note for our friend Kurt Greenbaum. After watching a video we received tonight from the guys over at STLtomorrow of Greenbaum shakily talking about the infamous incident at his recent public appearance, its clear he has no idea what the word means. From the video (embedded below): [Read More]

Greenbaum to Giving Tips About How to Handle New Media?!

You really can’t make this stuff up. I tried to make up something as crazy as this once but it ended up no one thought it was all that funny, we had to land the plane in Colorado, and I’m pretty sure I’m on the no-fly list now. If there ever were doubts about whether the public has opinions about the news, the arrival of online reader comments has dispelled them. [Read More]

Greenbaum Returns! STLToday’s Comments Under Hilarious Attack

New year and all is forgiven? After laying low for all of December, the now infamous Kurt Greenbaum has returned to his blogging duties on STLToday.com…in a post about responsibility. I-R-O-N-Y! The comments on the post were shockingly on topic, but all I could see what the first page of them. Clicking the “Next” link broke STLToday.com for me. I know, totally shocking huh? Also not shocking is the fact that social news site Reddit has already picked up on his return and the link has reached the front page with, at the time of this writing, 785 votes and nearly 300 comments. [Read More]

The Post Dispatch’s “Social Media Guy” Tattles on Naughty Commenter, Craps on Privacy Policy

Kurt Greenbaum, Director of Social Media at the St. Louis Post Dispatch jumped on his blog the other day to gleefully tell the tale about how he tracked down one of the thousands of nasty commenters on STLToday.com, called the employer of the commentator (based on the IP/Hostname) and because of his tattle-telling, the dude got fired. …and then the internet skull-f*cked him. Here’s a few of the comments on his original blog post entitled “Post a Vulgar Comment at Work, Lose Your Job“: [Read More]

STLToday Takes Annoying Ads to the Next Level

STLToday Takes Annoying Ads to the Next Level
Hi STLToday.com, thanks for coming over, have a seat. You know that show on A&E where these people confront someone that is doing drugs or whatever and thus is in desperate need of money so sometimes they start whoring themselves out to anyone that will give them a buck even if what they want to do to them is totally messed up? Today we are doing that for you. No no no! [Read More]