Kurt Greenbaum Thinks He Did Nothing Wrong (with video)

precedent noun |ˈpresid(ə)nt| an earlier event or action that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances Just a little note for our friend Kurt Greenbaum. After watching a video we received tonight from the guys over at STLtomorrow of Greenbaum shakily talking about the infamous incident at his recent public appearance, its clear he has no idea what the word means. From the video (embedded below): [Read More]

The Post Dispatch’s “Social Media Guy” Tattles on Naughty Commenter, Craps on Privacy Policy

Kurt Greenbaum, Director of Social Media at the St. Louis Post Dispatch jumped on his blog the other day to gleefully tell the tale about how he tracked down one of the thousands of nasty commenters on STLToday.com, called the employer of the commentator (based on the IP/Hostname) and because of his tattle-telling, the dude got fired. …and then the internet skull-f*cked him. Here’s a few of the comments on his original blog post entitled “Post a Vulgar Comment at Work, Lose Your Job“: [Read More]