Man Starts Armed Police Standoff While Holding Infant

Sure no one would ever want to shoot a baby, but honestly, a one month old is way too little to be an effective human shield. You cover chest and you expose the face, cover your face with the baby and you expose your chest as well as your nose to any baby stink. The trick really is to find the perfect mix of size and cute “You wouldn’t shoot me, would you Mr. [Read More]

Off-Duty Cop Shoots Himself at Imo’s

We haven’t had Imo’s Pizza in a while, and it sounds pretty good…not sure if it sounds “leg shootin’ good”, but good. The unidentified officer had been working in uniform as a security guard at the Schnucks, 3431 Union Boulevard. The St. Louis Police Department had approved him for that second job. At about 5:20 p.m. Sunday, he went to an Imo’s pizza restaurant at 3441 Union Boulevard. He adjusted his weapon and the gun accidentally discharged, police say. [Read More]

Police Sweep Through Cahokia, Arresting Pretty Much Everyone

Cahokia, Illinois isn’t just an 6th grade class’ field trip location to learn about indians, it also happens to be completely overrun by criminals. In a shocking move the police finally got together to solve the problem and someone asked “Well, could just go get them at their house?” That’s just crazy enough to work. Dozens of law enforcers swept every home, looking for wanted criminals. “A lot of people scattered, retreated into their homes,” State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly said of the scene when officers rolled in. [Read More]

Gas Station Drunk Beating Officer Ries Cleared of All Charges

The off duty police officer featured in the infamous YouTube video recorded on New Year’s Eve and released a few days later was cleared of all charges, while the drunk who got to taste the business end of a nightstick was charged with misdemeanor assault for lunging at the officer’s ankles. The two-minute, 13-second video showed Officer Dustin Ries, 38, pulling a man away from a car, beating him with a police baton and spraying him with pepper spray. [Read More]

Update: Ritz Carlton “Molester” Just Really Really Really Drunk

Remember yesterday when everyone, including us, was in a tizzy over a guy who, according to authorities, tricked a front desk clerk into giving him a key to a little girl’s room and then kicked the chain off the door all to molest the girl and her friends? Ah, well, Daniel T. Hughes may not be the sinister girl groper that the initial report led everyone to believe. He is, however, a total drunk ass. [Read More]

The Old Fake Policeman Bit Just Keeps on Working

A perv is pretending to be a police officer in Carroliton, Illinois so he can pull over ladies and frisk them. It’s not a new plan, but you can’t argue with results. Police say it happened on Highway 67 going north out of Carrollton Saturday around five in the afternoon. A woman spotted a vehicle behind her with flashing blue lights. She pulled over at the city park. A man dressed like a cop told her to get out of the car. [Read More]

Officer Dustin Ries Sure Does Like Hitting and Macing People!

We broke down the now infamous police beat-down video yesterday morning on the site but since then a little more information has leaked out that we just had to pass on. It turns out ole Officer Dustin “Let go of my feet!” Ries has a pretty short beat you with his club and mace you fuse. We’ve all seen his latest beating/macing in its beautiful YouTube glory, but STLToday learned that Ries has had at least two other run-ins that ended with him beating someone with his baton and macing them. [Read More]

St. Louis Police Officer Caught on Tape Beating Drunk Guy

So last weekend a St. Louis cop got caught whipping a guy’s ass. Maybe you’ve heard about it. Here’s the video on YouTube. Oh like you thought we weren’t going to make an animated gif out of this?! First off, I think we were all pretty surprised that it wasn’t a black guy getting beat up here. No no no, it’s ok. When you clicked on a link that says “Police Officer Caught Beating a Guy” you totally expected to see a black guy getting his ass whooped. [Read More]

Yet Another Way to Have Denny’s Kill You: Have the Police Shoot You in the Leg

Dude just wanted to get a Moon’s Over My Hammy…really really bad. Now he’s got a hole in his leg after unsuccessfully attempting to break-in to the South Hampton Denny’s (just south of hwy 40) and approaching a cop with his hands in his pocket. According to police, witnesses stated the suspect approached the restaurant attempting to get inside. Restaurant employees informed the suspect the restaurant was closed. The suspect broke a window and was partially inside the restaurant when the first officer arrived. [Read More]

East St. Louis Layoff Policemen, Please Don’t Tell All the Criminals

East St. Louis you’re about to get that much worse. Layoff notices have already gone out in East St. Louis, and 16 police officers could be gone as of January first. The mayor says these layoffs are needed in order to get the city budget under control. Budget issues are totally important, but maybe…maybe the police aren’t where we’d make the cuts seeing as though you’ve got people stealing church vans and smashing them in to ATMs the same day this all was announced. [Read More]