Gas Station Drunk Beating Officer Ries Cleared of All Charges

The off duty police officer featured in the infamous YouTube video recorded on New Year’s Eve and released a few days later was cleared of all charges, while the drunk who got to taste the business end of a nightstick was charged with misdemeanor assault for lunging at the officer’s ankles.

The two-minute, 13-second video showed Officer Dustin Ries, 38, pulling a man away from a car, beating him with a police baton and spraying him with pepper spray. Ries, who was off-duty working security at the gas station, handcuffed the man and walked him toward a police substation there.

Ries was put on administrative duty when the video went online. He remains on desk duty and under internal affairs review, notwithstanding the developments in the criminal case Friday.

Ok, the video still looks pretty bad to us, but whatever. Who knows what happened, and we’ll trust the process…and we’ll also trust that someone will come out of nowhere and say something stupid and claim they knew this would all go down just like this…

Jeff Roorda, business manager for the St. Louis Police Officer’s Association, slammed internal affairs for how it handled the gas station incident and others.

“There’s a trend of persecuting our officers instead of prosecuting criminals,” he said. “The second-guessing of our officers and the rush to judgment in cases like this serves no purpose for our community.”

You’re a retard Jeff Roorda. We aren’t implying that Ries didn’t do the right thing here, the man was cleared. Fair enough. But get quoted saying that the STLPD Internal Affairs shouldn’t have investigated this, and you’re going to sound like a retard. Look at that video! Maybe below the knee line was a lion eating him, who knows, but you still have to take a look, ask a few questions…damn man, how can you can say something that stupid? Rush to judgement?! This is a rush to judgement: Tyler Perry has done lots of horrible movies, but this next one will probably be really good and be gear towards white people.

Good luck on the rest of your unlawful beating people investigations Officer Ries!

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