The Old Fake Policeman Bit Just Keeps on Working

A perv is pretending to be a police officer in Carroliton, Illinois so he can pull over ladies and frisk them. It’s not a new plan, but you can’t argue with results.

Police say it happened on Highway 67 going north out of Carrollton Saturday around five in the afternoon. A woman spotted a vehicle behind her with flashing blue lights. She pulled over at the city park. A man dressed like a cop told her to get out of the car.

After she exited the vehicle he did a cursory pat down search of her.

None of that seemed odd to the lady? Being pulled over with blue lights, by an unmarked car but still driven by an uniformed “officer” to immediately request a pat down? How agressive are the Carroliton cops normally that this didn’t seem odd? Oh god! Someone should really ask her if he “checked her oil”, and whether it involved lifting her car hood or something more personal. Maybe bring one of those little faceless molestation dolls.

Seriously though, this guy’s gone through some trouble for this little side project, and that means he’s probably going to escalate, so he need to be caught quickly.

Even more serious, is how awesome this sandwich we just made turned out. Screw little wafers, Jesus would want to his body to taste like this!

via Fox2