Killed a Man in St. Louis Once, Just to See Him Fry

The killer was trying to hide in Chicago, but St. Louis police found and charged him with first-degree murder, stemming from a altercation five year ago. Andre McAfee is accused of killing Charles Barnes in early 2006 by beating him repeatedly with a skillet.

Court documents say McAfee hit Barnes in the head and on his body with the skillet several times, and that McAfee’s DNA was found on the handle of the blood-covered skillet that was found next to Barnes’ body.

That sounds like a horrible way to go. No one should ever be killed with a device that’s main goal is to bring happiness to the world by cooking various forms of pork products. We hear you can also cook other things in skillets, but we don’t recommend it. Actually, we don’t recommend killing anyone with it either, but if we had to pick one thing to focus on, it would be the former. We don’t care what people tell you, no one wants french toast instead of bacon. Only French people probably, but they hardly count.

After the McAfee’s extradition to St. Louis, he was arraigned and released. Apparently the judge thought that taking a man from Chicago to St. Louis counted as “time served”. However the Mayor is petitioning to have him jailed with in the city limits to kick off his “Every Warm Body Counts!” campaign for the 2020 Census.

via STLToday