Gas Station Drunk Beating Officer Ries Cleared of All Charges

The off duty police officer featured in the infamous YouTube video recorded on New Year’s Eve and released a few days later was cleared of all charges, while the drunk who got to taste the business end of a nightstick was charged with misdemeanor assault for lunging at the officer’s ankles. The two-minute, 13-second video showed Officer Dustin Ries, 38, pulling a man away from a car, beating him with a police baton and spraying him with pepper spray. [Read More]

Officer Dustin Ries Sure Does Like Hitting and Macing People!

We broke down the now infamous police beat-down video yesterday morning on the site but since then a little more information has leaked out that we just had to pass on. It turns out ole Officer Dustin “Let go of my feet!” Ries has a pretty short beat you with his club and mace you fuse. We’ve all seen his latest beating/macing in its beautiful YouTube glory, but STLToday learned that Ries has had at least two other run-ins that ended with him beating someone with his baton and macing them. [Read More]

St. Louis Police Officer Caught on Tape Beating Drunk Guy

So last weekend a St. Louis cop got caught whipping a guy’s ass. Maybe you’ve heard about it. Here’s the video on YouTube.Oh like you thought we weren’t going to make an animated gif out of this?! First off, I think we were all pretty surprised that it wasn’t a black guy getting beat up here. No no no, it’s ok. When you clicked on a link that says “Police Officer Caught Beating a Guy” you totally expected to see a black guy getting his ass whooped. [Read More]