Off-Duty Cop Shoots Himself at Imo’s

We haven’t had Imo’s Pizza in a while, and it sounds pretty good…not sure if it sounds “leg shootin’ good”, but good.

The unidentified officer had been working in uniform as a security guard at the Schnucks, 3431 Union Boulevard. The St. Louis Police Department had approved him for that second job.

At about 5:20 p.m. Sunday, he went to an Imo’s pizza restaurant at 3441 Union Boulevard. He adjusted his weapon and the gun accidentally discharged, police say.

Taking one to the leg at Imo’s while on a break from your off-duty security job at a Schnucks huh? Your mom was right that you would definitely get shot being a St. Louis City cop, but wrong that it would be all brave and wouldn’t involve you getting pepperoni grease all over your tie.

Though the wound was serious, the officer has already been released from the hospital.

via STLToday