Fox 2 Sends Reporter to Haiti, Probably Can’t Pay to Bring Them Back

According to the St. Louis Business Journal, Fox 2 has decided to send a report to Haiti…because apparently there isn’t a single stock photo or video of Haiti around anywhere! Sadly, its not Rich Gould. Fox 2 News’ Roche Madden and cameraman John McClelland have hopped aboard a U.S. Air Force cargo plane at Scott Air Force base headed to Haiti. Madden will be the only St. Louis television reporter reporting from Haiti. [Read More]
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We Got a Letter From Charles Jaco Last Night!

Remember this post from a while back? We found a video on YouTube of a young, mustachioed Charles Jaco (Now of Fox2) on CNN. The commentary bookending the video says that Jaco “faked” this news report and that it was all filmed in a studio. Lets be clear: Those views, as we stated in the post, are of the video maker’s. Not ours. Frankly that was pretty clear. From the post “Did Charles Jaco Fake a Desert Storm CNN Report? [Read More]

Fox 2’s Glenn Zimmerman For Hire!

Fox2, like most media companies, are making their employees do the furlough thing to keep the company a float in the toilet bowl that is the media economy for a little longer and now its Glenn Zimmerman’s turn. The thing is though, he’s not diluting himself in to thinking this is an vacation, he’s putting himself out there to find work on his downtime! Straight from Glenn’s site: Here’s the deal — the economy is in the dumps and a lot of businesses are urging employees to take furlough weeks [Read More]

Slow News Day For St. Louis Outlets: Three Examples of Non-News

Not every day can bring the death of a pop super star, a buyout of a local institution or even weather related news. Apparently one of those days was yesterday because there were some people out there at our local news sources freaking struggling to get something out the door! “Three sisters have weight loss surgery together” from Should have been titled: “Three Fat Sisters Get Surgery Together Because All Hate Being Fat, but Not Enough To Do Actual Work. [Read More]

Is There a Spam Mafia War Brewing At Fox 2?

Last week we told you of our refusal to join the mafia family of Fox 2’s deceivingly effervescent morning guy John Pertzborn, and then over the Labor Day weekend we get this! Yup, that’s another Fox 2 personality, Kevin Steincross (@KevinStx) trying to spam us in to joining his mafia family! This means there are two distinct mafia families going on at Fox 2, both run by the most nasty, heartless men in employ there. [Read More]

Fox 2’s John Pertzborn is a Twitter Spammer

We don’t want to be rude to Fox 2’s own John Pertzborn, but we are going to have to pass his invitation to join his Mafia family. Confused? We got the following automated direct message from John (@pertzfox) today: We had to decline. But not because we don’t love John, and his behind the scenes youtube-ing, but because we just aren’t comfortable owing any favors to the Pertzborn mafia family. Sure he looks nice on TV, but that guy will break your hands for no reason at all, and snap your neck if you give him one. [Read More]

Did Charles Jaco Fake a Desert Storm CNN Report?

Did Charles Jaco Fake a Desert Storm CNN Report?

Found on YouTube, this clip from a 1991 CNN broadcast, with added subtitles, claims that CNN and then reporter, now Fox 2 KTVI reporter and 550AM host, Charles Jaco fake a remote, leading people to believe that they were in some hostile area rather than a soundstage of sorts.

After watching the video, I have to lean towards agreeing this this guy, but really who knows, and more importantly, no one does or should care, but the video is pretty damn funny.  This isn’t just some Daily Show-esque “remote,” they have props (a gas mask and helmet from the set of MASH make an appearance), Jaco is rocking a pretty awesome, yet understated mustache, and there is a montage at the end of behind the scenes-type clips that the author uses as further evidence.

We also get this “warning” at the end for us sheeple to wake up!  We’ll pass on your warning there Neo, but thanks for the funny video.


Watch the clip after the jump, and let us know what you think!  Does this kinda thing actually bother you?

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St. Louisan Sells Michael Jackson Stuff on EBay and the Same Story to Two Stations

A St. Louis couple decided to sell off their Jacko memorabilia on EBay, and actually netted some pretty good dough for the stuff. Not only that, but they got on TV! Thats right, they made the local news and took the time to record the news broadcasts with their camera and upload it to YouTube. …they also, inadvertently, managed to illustrate how lame and formulaic local TV news has gotten. [Read More]