Slow News Day For St. Louis Outlets: Three Examples of Non-News

tila_t_foxNot every day can bring the death of a pop super star, a buyout of a local institution or even weather related news.  Apparently one of those days was yesterday because there were some people out there at our local news sources freaking struggling to get something out the door!

  1. Three sisters have weight loss surgery together” from

Should have been titled: “Three Fat Sisters Get Surgery Together Because All Hate Being Fat, but Not Enough To Do Actual Work.  USA! USA!”

How the hell is this news?  People get this all the time, just because three of the fat people that got the surgery that day knew each other, doesn’t make this news, it makes it, at best, one of those Learning Channel freakshow specials.

  1. Photo gallery of Tila Tequila and Shawne Merriman of the San Diego Chargers” from

Should have been titled: “We Have Nothing Else to Write About, but We’re Fox so We Some How Get Away With Crap Like This”

No, I didn’t make this up, its actually a “news’ story on their home page (as of this writing).  With this post Fox 2 has effectively equaled the content on their website to that of MySpace.  …which I guess is kind of appropriate since Fox also owns MySpace.  Wait, is this actually super cleaver?  No.  Its can’t be.

Its not.

  1. St. Louis bookstore owner to attend Obama’s health-care address” from Biz

Should have been titled: “Its Been Way To Long Since We Did an Obama Puff-Piece…Wait, What Did You Just Say?  You Are Going With Russ Carnahan to See Obama Talk About It?  That’ll Do.”

This one could be twisted in to news, and I’m guessing some of you will do just that, but guess what?  Its not.  Someone going to Washington stopped being news after Mr. Smith did it.  All this story is about is someone that likes the President is going to see the President, which is about as news worthy as me going to see Barry Manilow…wait, I mean something tough and awesome.