Yoked By Our Own History

Who doesn’t love YouTube?  I kind of always relate it to New Orleans in that you go in there for what you say is a second and then in an instant you are hypnotized by the sheer number of crazy things to look at, 90% of which is stupid and or gross, and in the end you stumble out with nothing but feelings of guilt a few stories.

On our more recent trip to YouTube, we found this gem below from a guy that appears to be traveling the country and doing little videos for each stop.

This is his St. Louis video, in which he tells the story of how we used to be awesome, and now aren’t.

Apparently this guy has been getting killed over this video from our fellow citizens on the always pleasant comment section.  None of the comments seemed cool enough to repost here, but it got to the guy enough that he prepended the description of the video with this:

I changed the title to something obscure so fewer people would find it and complain. I’m not a fan of removing videos altogether. I think there’s an implicit reasonable expectation that what we see will remain available.

When I first read that, I really thought he let St. Louis have it but, after watching it, I couldn’t figure out what the problem was.  Sure he could have said more about St. Louis but the video is only a few minutes, and everything in there read right out of Wikipedia.

Nothing like good ole’ St. Louis folk getting after someone with their book learnin’.