A Random Look Back at Previous Posts That We Read Last Night and Made Us LOL

Sometimes we want to write something brand new but are really sleepy so then we skip working just out to write something because we love you, and then we somehow start reading old posts we forgot we wrote instead and discover that some of them (not all) were pretty great and needed to be re-shared with the people…*deep breath*…so we decided to just do that instead of a post today don’t hate us! [Read More]

Cicadas Ruin Everything, Even the Past

There are few things worse than hearing the first sounds of St. Louis cicada invasion. They are the political talk show hosts of the insect world, going on and on all the time, making any kind of rational conversation nearly impossible. When even the crunchiest of hippie pause for a second before saying “Yes, all live is precious!” that’s called the Cicada Pause. No one likes these little bastards. Worse yet, every home movie you make during a St. [Read More]

Yoked By Our Own History

Who doesn’t love YouTube? I kind of always relate it to New Orleans in that you go in there for what you say is a second and then in an instant you are hypnotized by the sheer number of crazy things to look at, 90% of which is stupid and or gross, and in the end you stumble out with nothing but feelings of guilt a few stories. On our more recent trip to YouTube, we found this gem below from a guy that appears to be traveling the country and doing little videos for each stop. [Read More]