A Random Look Back at Previous Posts That We Read Last Night and Made Us LOL

Sometimes we want to write something brand new but are really sleepy so then we skip working just out to write something because we love you, and then we somehow start reading old posts we forgot we wrote instead and discover that some of them (not all) were pretty great and needed to be re-shared with the people…*deep breath*…so we decided to just do that instead of a post today don’t hate us!*

Some of you have been reading us for a while now (Love you!) but that’s not the case for everyone, so why not go through the archives and pull out some random gems? Here’s the top 5 posts we found last night while clicking around:

#5 The 2010 Kiss Cam Controversy

A couple of Cardinal seasons ago there was a minor fuss over the fact that maybe…just maybe…the Cardinals might show a same-sex couple kiss on the kiss cam! *gasp* We actually had a two-parter on this issue: One were we made fun of the rednecks freaking out and one where we just kept posting more and more funny kiss cam photoshops.

#4 When We Found Out Jenna Fischer Hates Us

Also in 2010, we tried and failed to get an interview with Jenna Fischer. So we wrote her this note that she definitely must have probably didn’t see. Take that!

Facebook likes are clearly the new currency of our time, but if that’s the case Mayor Slay is crazy poor! Like homeless kid played by Leonardo DiCaprio on Growing Pains poor. We know this because we checked and compared. …also we should point out we have a few more likes that 500 now, but still feel free to add yours!

#2 We Roasted Tony LaRussa Anyway

Somehow the mailman didn’t deliver our invitation to the Tony LaRussa Roast, but we had a backup plan that involved this website, cheesy roast jokes and…actually, that was all.

#1 When KMOV’s Virginia Kerr Tweeted Her Labor

Local news people are the best! They aren’t great enough for us to want to turn on the news in favor of all other modern news sources, but they are awfully entertaining when they do weird stuff like tweet out the birth of a child step by step.

_* This actually happened. Just replace “working out” with “third pudding pop”._