Is There a Spam Mafia War Brewing At Fox 2?

Last week we told you of our refusal to join the mafia family of Fox 2’s deceivingly effervescent morning guy John Pertzborn, and then over the Labor Day weekend we get this!

Screen shot 2009-09-07 at 8.35.55 PM

Yup, that’s another Fox 2 personality, Kevin Steincross (@KevinStx) trying to spam us in to joining his mafia family!

This means there are two distinct mafia families going on at Fox 2, both run by the most nasty, heartless men in employ there.  Don’t let Kevin’s Twitter photo with his cat, or his cries for the return of his lost Qdoba card fool you, this man is a stone-cold killer.

We stand firm that we will not bow to the pressure from either Pertzborn or Steincross to join their families, and we are passing on the “protection” they are peddling.

Now, if Rich Gould makes us an offer…well, we couldn’t refuse that.